Comes Careening Out

by Grammerhorn Wren

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released January 2, 2013

Recorded by/at Grant Wicks Recording in Easthampton, Ma in the late fall of 2013

Eric Trabucco- guitar/bass/vocals
Eirinn Gragson- additional vocals
Thom Lopes- drums
Dave Jewers- additional songwriting



all rights reserved


Grammerhorn Wren Northampton, Massachusetts

Eric Trabucco

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Track Name: Journeyman's Song
I know that I am slipping away for a long time today, light years away from present day.
I'll step into a time travel ray, condensing all of my DNA. I'll re-materialize light years away.

So goodbye for today.

I'll use my anachronistic ways, surfing on temporal waves into paleolithic caves.
I'll create a rift in time. I'll make a change. Soon you won't recognize my face.

So goodbye for today.
Track Name: World Loves You
When I finally see her and she tells me, in a fever, "no", I will go to the oceanside and I will feel free

And the whole world's love comes careening out.

In our purest state of knowledge, we're free from gods and goddesses. Experience only binds us to a want that we don't need.

And the whole world's love comes careening out.
Track Name: Parade of Fools
We talk in the backyard. We talk each other to infinity.
I pretend that we are two philosopher kings.

Maybe tomorrow we'll awaken sick and dizzy anyway.

Track Name: The Variable of Others
Heaven's holding out for you and the great job that you do. You've measured your life's worth against the rest and discovers a point-value system and everybody's respective score.

How about a day with out it all for once, the awful sound of everything I resent about you?

There needs to be something more than self-realized reward that you declared on your own. Reality can't be anything you want it to be when it involves the variable of others.

How about a day with out it all for once, the awful sound of everything I resent about you?

You're mediocrity shows though and I know that you're perfection proof so there's nothing we can do.
Track Name: In Passing
I watch your figure through the rear window as we depart down a straight road. As the distance increases, it becomes harder to make out your subtle features, then impossible.

I watch you shrink with distance until you're a speck on the horizon, void of extremities (no neck, no head, no arms, no face)

With the changing scenery, I look to the place where you once stood. With more time, I'll forget that I was even looking.

And we'll realize with due time we're not lasting, so we'll see you again soon, but only in passing.
Track Name: Rotted Vegetation
I guess I've given up on the endless day
Asleep inside a rotted tomb
Encrusted in semen.

Wilted in the tub
Turns water to mud
A quicksand pit for my best friends
Rotted vegetation.

The cold brackish (blackish) water, it's swished and spit and flushed away.
Track Name: Perpetual Sass
I want to start an earthquake down on your Pacific floor and cause tsunami waves on your Japanese shores. When the outer walls of your buildings come collapsing down, there'll be no other solution for you now and you'll come running to my arms.

Looking every way that you can't decide to run, I will chase you from your freedom and take you away from everyone.
In jail cell walls made of the thickest bone, you'll know that you are lost and you'll come running to my arms.
Track Name: Listless
You're talking away, but I don't hear you.
You're walking away, but I don't feel that bad.